Thank You, Wendy Davis

Senator Wendy Davis is a truly inspiring and courageous womyn. I have so much respect and appreciation for individuals who know when and how to “stick it to the man”. What would you do in this situation? A bill that’s attempting to get passed in Texas that does not allow abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Would you stand up with raised voices and fists in the air demanding that a bill like this does not get passed? Would you speak for 13 hours, filibustering a bill, if you had the power to do so? Would you be able to rock pink tennis shoes on the floor, unable to do anything, but rally behind, support, and educate others in the room about abortion? I think this is a true test of faith, patience, hope, and courage. I hope Senator Davis succeeds in her mission. I hope Texas realizes what a mistake it is to ignorantly shoot down the rights of womyn. I can’t speak on behalf of womyn, nor can I relate to their experiences of having rights and privileges denied from them, but I do support Senator Davis’ cause and I’m trying, as a male, to understand what repercussions a bill like this would have on womyn in the state. Please feel free to click the link at the top of this post to read the article about what Senator Davis is doing for the state of Texas.Β 


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