A Home Unlike Any Home

RIP Eshleman

Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/acordova/5409501758/

Article: http://newscenter.berkeley.edu/2013/07/02/eshleman-hall-rip/?utm_source=buffer&utm_campaign=Buffer&utm_content=buffer0c231&utm_medium=twitter

Eshleman Hall was a home for many students — ASUC Senators in the Senate Chambers on Wednesday nights, undergrads spending all day and night in the Reading/Studying Library on the 7th floor, bridges and Pilipino community organizers and leaders preparing for events on the 5th floor, and so many other students and organizations seeking refuge in its earthquake-prone walls.

It’s a little sad to see so much hystory and love physically gone from the campus. Of course, the memories and stories will be passed down through the oral traditions of recent and past alumni, but there are so many “inside jokes” that may get lost in translation. Eshleman Hall was a landmark for students and student organizations. Housing the numerous student groups and dedicated UC Berkeley staff, Eshleman Hall was the center of behind-the-scene activities and social movements. It was the “go-to” spot that allowed multicultural groups to plan, coordinate, and execute their recruitment and retention events. It was the getaway building to catch a breath of (semi) fresh air from the balcony. It was the place to be on those nights where Beat the Clock would leave you yearning for an accessible bathroom. I only hope these stories and recollections of Eshleman Hall do not become a mere whisper amongst future Cal students.

I also hope the memory of Grace Asuncion is remembered and recognized. As a member of the Pilipino community (in which I belong to as well), we send our love and prayers to the life that was taken from this campus and her family, but also recognize the need for establishing improved safety measures across the university — the emergency blue lights to be exact.

It is with great sadness to see such a significant building (particularly in my undergraduate career at UC Berkeley) leave us. But I hope, and have great confidence, that the future students of the number one public university, will demand and receive a newer building that is not only safe, but adequately caters towards the needs and voices of the diverse, multi-facted, and ever-thriving student organizations.

A new Eshleman Hall will be constructed in time — a new Eshleman with new struggles, a bright future, and a rich hystory. Farewell, friend.


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