10 Things I Started Missing When I Started Working

10 Things I Started Missing When I Started Working

I just thought I’d share a post I wrote on here as well.

  1. SUMMER. I miss basking in the eternal glory of the sun’s rays, the smell and sounds of the beach, the spontaneity that it brings out of people.
  2. 2am Conversations. I miss being able to stay up late to do nothing besides watch movies and lay in bed, but to also be accompanied by late night conversations with friends, your best friends, and even some randoms.
  3. Doing errands on the weekdays. Because OBVIOUSLY we cannot go to the bank, go shopping, get a haircut, visit the doctor, wash our car, or buy groceries during the daytime since we’re obviously working. And that means your weekends are productivity black holes that are spent doing chores and routines.
  4. Taco Tuesdays & Thirsty Thursdays. I miss being able to kick it after work with friends grabbing dollar tacos and happy hour drinks. But because of traffic and having to wake up early to drive to work, a lot of those late night de-stressing activities aren’t as frequent as they once were.
  5. Friday Night Debaucheries. Fridays are now officially meant for sleeping in. There is no such thing as staying out past midnight unless it’s a birthday in weho, a friend visiting from out of town, or you just took your MCAT, GMAT, GRE, CBEST, or some other kind of test that determines your professional mobility.
  6. College Roommates. Is there even a need for an explanation? The ones you go home to and completely vegg out with, vent about your exhausting day, and then gossip about coworkers or mutual friends’ posts on instagram.
  7. DAYS OFF. Having to earn your vacation and sick-leave hours is not the business. It’s like, once you get a taste of a day off or a mini vacation, ย you never want to go back. Holidays and 3 day weekends easily become your new best friends.
  8. The comforts of my house/room. By the end of the day, all I want to do is curl up in my sheets, change into some comfortable clothes, and relax. But no, for many of us, you have to deal with a 30 minute (if you’re lucky) commute from work, the sounds of honking and light pollution, the individuals invading your personal space, and more. Why does getting to and from work have to be so hard?
  9. The Bay Area (or a change of scenery). After working at my job for a little under a year already, it all gets to be quite monotonous at times. Click. Click. Click. I miss the liveliness of a city’s culture. I miss the fast-paced lifestyle. I miss the excitement. At times, I feel like I’m suffocating in my office waiting to see the world for what it really is. But then again, you need that dough to actually plan a trip to see that world you oh so long for.
  10. Your Flexibility. There is now structure in your life and you can’t work around your, well, work as you once did. Weekly, work takes up 40 hours of your life, 45 hours if you’re counting your lunch breaks, and then 55 hours if you count your weekly roundtrip commute. I miss doing whatever I wanted to do. But now there are consequences for doing just that. Boo.

After a great weekend, I just started to realize how much things have changed since I graduated and more specifically, since I started working. These are my top 10 things I started to miss once I landed my initial “dream job” right out of college. What do you think?

What kinds of things do you miss doing now that you’re working (full-time, part-time, or any time of the day)?


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