Lollipop Moments

Lollipop Moments

This past weekend I had the pleasure and privilege of facilitating a student development retreat for a small portion of an organization I previously worked with as an undergraduate. As an alumnus of the university and this multicultural coalition, it was a humbling and rewarding process to be given the chance to pay it forward.

One of the members of the organization known as PASS, the Pilipino Academic Student Services, messaged me some months back asking me to facilitate a Recruitment specific retreat for him and his component members. I was happy to oblige seeing that my love and knowledge for this organization stemmed from my very beginnings within recruitment.

Overall, the weekend was a huge success, despite its exhausting toll it took on my sleeping schedule. One of the themes for this weekend’s retreat was to discuss the impact that we, as people/students of color, have on our community, whether that be some small token of influence or the beginnings of a progressive movement. We have the capacity to influence, empower, and educate through our daily actions and our everyday lives.

The video above describes these impacts as “lollipop moments” and if we can change our thinking of leadership as these “lollipop moments”, we can begin seeing the world change around us.

By the end of this short video, I encourage everyone to recall a lollipop moment of their own and then pay that notion forward, creating lollipop moments for others to discover and enjoy.


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